Thought Up (2018)

Exposing the fragility of our perception of identity, Thought Up (2018) stumbles its way through a limited movement pattern consisting of games, play and a lack of control over the wants of the mind. This work is a challenge to the unnecessary boundaries that are put in place by the words that are used to identify us, whilst moving past the typical conventions of dance to demonstrate just how restrictive they can be. 

Thought Up (2018) elevates the fleeting and escaping nature of thought, its fragility and unpredictability cannot be controlled or contained, only re-thought and manipulated. The work questions the weight of knowledge, the leverage it has over the art we create and the positions we hold in life.  

The physical structure is aspiring to be a representation of the mind, the way in which it moves and boggles and the spaces that reside between thought and action. What dwells in the parts of the mind that we don't tap into in our life time? Both in everyday and artistic life. With no physical pattern or discernible order to follow when tracing the choreography, only a map of where the mind wanders.

Originally premiered as part of  Body, Mind & Actions

Premiere: 09 - 2018


Running Time: 1hr

Performer: Ryan Daniel Wilkinson