Strike Through - Performance (2018)

Entering this world with nothing, it is only our memories with which we exit.


Fighting to cling and grasp on to those which bring ecstasy, humanity aims to fill their hearts, minds and pockets to the brim with memories to recall in times of need. Not only the first kiss with the one you love, the thrill of riding the roller-coaster, seeing your favourite band live, but also the smaller moments of joy sprinkled throughout life. A relaxing bath, your first coffee of the morning, simple peace and quiet. Those are the moments we live for, everything else is just noise, just filler, just chaos preventing us experiencing what it is to be happy.

We use them as a crux for anecdotal ice-breakers, to pick up others when they fall and to spread glee.

Strike Through captures the falling nature of time slipping through our fingers.

One man fumbles and struggles his way through the abyss on a journey to find flashes of happiness. In waving bouts of success and failure he dives through the storm, questioning his identity, yearning for connections and relationships, and striving for a single moment of perfection 

Also available as an exhibition > Strike Through

Premiere:  05 - 2018


Running Time: 30mins

Performer: Ryan Daniel Wilkinson