Pulse (2018)

A solo male dancer moves through the abyss, a void space without substance, hope or happiness on a venture to find something to grasp and to hold. Presented in one light, the shirtless performer carves through the emptiness of his purgatory, using his body as the tool to help search for meaning. Below; snapshots of the man falling through time, fading through emotions, capturing and highlighting the lifts and falls of his own optimism, anticipation and fears.

Questioning originality, form and aesthetic, Pulse is a series of layered texts that together create narratives, questions and emotive responses from its audience, fluidly passing through the literal and the abstract on a journey of loss and desire, uncertainty and expectation, melancholy and ecstasy.

Alongside the initial video footage, the photography aims to enhance the feeling of movement, of never being stationary, always passing through space and time. Although static, the images create pathways in the minds eye of the viewer creating an ensemble performance between the trilogy of materials, twisting, diving and flying through the imaginations of the audience.

The work submerges itself in varying puddles of beauty and unpleasantness leading to a stream of engrossing the viewer before cascading off the face of a waterfall, snapping the entrapment and establishing the viewer back in the here and now.

Pulse is the documentation of one mans' explorations in to endless possibilities, exertions and the sheer determination of humanity.

Premiere: 02 - 2018

Visual Art

Performer: Ryan Daniel Wilkinson