Life Streaming (2018)

Life Streaming (2018) is a series of writings created over an intense, continuous 8 hour period. The project aims to capture the inner workings of the mind, when asked to spill out all over the page. 


The writings can be read chronologically, or you can simply start wherever you like, the journey through the mind of another happens all the same. This project is an honest account of the flashes of memory, whether real or remastered. Its hilariously funny, whilst simultaneously skimming over some of the writers troubling history. 

Challenging the constructs of our identity, this project reveals the inner most parts of the self. Reaffirming that in spite of the labels and definitions that society tries to place us within, we are all equally as interesting. 

Originally premiered as part of  Body, Mind & Actions


This project is currently being developed into a performance using the minds and musings of those who are considered/ consider themselves to be Neurodiverse. We are currently collecting data and are looking to retrieve 80hrs worth of material. Please keep checking back here for more information. 

Photograph taken by Pam Barnes of the University of Chester

Premiere: 09 - 2018

Visual Art