Existential Crisis (2017)

20 performances, 20 participants, 1 performer. 

Existential Crisis (2017) is an intimate and immersive performance experience in which participants are set to perform a selection of tasks. The piece relies heavily on the freewill and choice of the participant, enabling them to act as an individual, responsible for their own actions. They must choose if they comply or deviate. Existential Crisis (2017) tackles agoraphobia, a fear of certain spaces, in this instance the theatre. People are often afraid to make noise, move or have their phones vibrate due to the pressure of the theatre construct, this piece in fact does the opposite, in dealing with anti-agoraphobia. It asks the participant to act in ways in which they feel.

Faced with a pig-headed performer, the participant must question their morality. Play his game of choices or devise a game that will make him crumble?

Premiere: 04 - 2017 

Intimate Performance

Running Time: 20minss

Performer: Ryan Daniel Wilkinson