Condensed Milk (2017)

One light, one performer, one moment. 

A woman, equipped with little more than her liberty grapples with her oppressors, she tugs and tears at her prison in an endless fight for equality, blinded by injustice. 

She is strong, but the 'airbags' bestowed upon her chest do not stop the pain of the impact her sex has had upon her life.

She bleeds. Her flesh punctured by the metaphorical wreckage of womanhood whilst men watch from the side-lines, content, watching the sparks become flames, engulfing and obliterating every last drop of self-respect. 

Your mothers and grandmothers have felt this pain, yet feel no remorse passing this down to you. Like treading in gum, the dirt sticks as you are dragged through life. 

It is time for change.

Premiere:  02 - 2017


Running Time: 20mins

Performer: Shannah Olivia Cole