Behind The Wall (2018)

A single nude performer scales the extremities of the space. Existing on a 2D plane without the ability of facial expression and full bodied gesture, the performer moves through the space with caution, investigating their limited movement vocabulary.

This work questions shape and form, by exploring the body without the typical signifiers of sex. There is no shroud or cover, it is simply an opportunity for an audience to explore the sexless body against a blank canvas. 

This work also explores the mediative state of the performer whilst undertaking an artistic pilgrimage and how the nude body can create a normal and calming atmosphere as apposed to the invading and overwhelming depiction of genitalia. 

As of October (2018) this work is being explored via other bodies and channels. The piece will be developed over the next 6 months investigating new spaces and various bodies. System Theatre Company are currently working with other artists to develop Behind The Wall (2018) into a multi-sensory, inclusive show working with unusual and hidden spaces. 


Premiered as part of Body, Mind & Actions

Premiere: 09 - 2018


Running Time: 1hr

Performer: Ryan Daniel Wilkinson