Movement Paintings (2018)

Investigating the human form on a 2D plane, Movement Paintings and Adult Section (2018) are a series of paintings that present the body in both a naturalistic and ambiguous format. 

The work attempts to highlight difference in physical structure. Each body is unique, ever person is different. Therefore it could be posited that one is identifiable by ones exterior shape, right?

All that is present within this work is the form of the body, nothing specific. Skin colour, facial structure, tattoos and scars are not present. The blocks of colour somewhat morph and develop on the page. Questions arise about where body parts begin and end, what is the sex of the model? What am I looking at? So, at the same time as highlighting just how different we are, it is making us realise just how similar we are. ​


Adult Section was originally premiered as part of  Body, Mind & Actions (2018)

Premiere: 09 - 2018

Visual Art