About Face (2018)

What becomes of us when all that makes us unique is distorted? About Face (2018) Is an exploration of our humanity, identity and our autonomy. 

Exploring the phenomenological connection between the physical make-up of the performer and of the projected shadow, whilst moving through phases of obvious and ambiguous movement styles, focusing the vocabulary on the normality and shapeless. 


Projected upon the extremities are altered shapes and layered texts. The audience are able to glimpse at moments of beauty before the shape once again morphs into something grotesque and back again. 

Trapped in a structure of their own making and a constantly fluxing state, the performer never settles, only morphs to their surroundings. Expanding and decreasing the amount of the body on displaying that they are willing to share, before distorting and reshaping how they are perceived.  Toying with just how vast paired with how insignificant the human form can become, 

Originally premiered as part of  Body, Mind & Actions

Premiere: 09 - 2018


Running Time: 1hr

Performer: Ryan Daniel Wilkinson